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Customer Care is a fun place where single Muslims find their Islamic life partners. It works because our members conduct themselves with a high degree of integrity, decency, and respect. To show you what we mean by that, we present the official Member Guidelines. Mostly they're just good common sense, but it helps to lay it all out.
  Before embarking on your match finding adventures, please read this page as well as our Code of Conduct. Thanks!
01. The Big Six
02. Posting Your Profile
03. Posting a Primary Photo
04. Posting Additional Photos
05. Contacting Members
06. Responding to Members
07. Login Often
01. The Big Six:
  Be Eligible: If you're not searching for a life partner, don't add your profile.
  Be Permitted: If you are a unmarried Muslim brother get your parents / guardian permission first. If you are a Muslimah get your parents / guardian permission first.
  Be Legal: To be a member, you must be of legal age -- at least 18 years old. Please abide by your local laws.
  Be Nice: Please don't harass, threaten, abuse, or curse at other members. Also, if a member asks you to stop contacting them, please respect their wishes and move on.
  Be Smart: Read our online match finder tips and learn from the experiences of others.
  Be Inquisitive: We don't conduct background checks. Therefore, as with any life partner search situation, try to know as much about a person as you can before your rendezvous. Do Isthiqara prayer, research, enquire, trust your instincts, and, most importantly, meet the preferred partner accompanied by your parent / guardian.
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02. Posting Your Profile
  You don't need to be writers like Ibn Hazm or Abu Tammam, just be a normal person with sincere and honest. Read our profile writing tips:
  No Counterfeit Profiles: To ensure that everyone here actually is participating and committed to finding their life partner, we ask that members do not post profiles for anyone but themselves, unless they are parents / guardians / siblings or have approval from the concerned person, if the profile is added on behalf of a friend/relative.
  Be Honest: Use your profile to show people what an outstanding person you are. It will pay off in the end when you finally meet them in person.
  Be descriptive about yourself, family, religious interest, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. in "About Myself" field. Just a single line wording "Looking for a partner" or "Contact me" or "later" will not help you to find the right person whom you are looking for. This kind of profiles will not be approved and also deleted from
  Be descriptive about the person you are looking for, the qualities that you expect in your life partner, job etc. in About My Expected Partner field.
  No Names or Contact Information to be given About Myself or About My Partner fields: For your own protection and privacy, please DO NOT POST (or request that others post):
Full names
Email addresses
Street addresses
Phone numbers
Web sites
Instant messaging IDs or numbers
  No Subscription Information: Please do not post details of your subscription details.

One Profile Per Member: Please do not post more than one profile. If you want to try something different, you can revise and re-submit your existing profile.

  No Commercial Activity: You'll be happy to know that we do not allow spam, information gathering, or escort services. Please click here to report abuse.
  Respect Copyright Law: Please don't post copyrighted content without the owner's permission.
  Keep It Clean: Profiles that contain the following will not be approved:
  Overtly sexual language or images Obscene, offensive, or illegal text or images Details of your sex life profile.
  No Tech Tricks: Please do not use technology to alter the appearance of your profile. Please do not insert HTML tags into your
  Our experience shows that a detailed profile gets more response than a profile with less details
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03. Posting a Primary Photo
  Profiles with photos get 12 times the clicks of those without photos. Read our photo posting tips:
  You Must Be Clearly Visible: Just one, glorious, in-focus shot of you. You should be alone or with (at most) one other person. No collages or group shots, please.
  Recent Photos Only: Naturally, your potential love interests want to know what you look like now (or at least within the last few months).
  Keep It Clean: No nudity, sexually provocative images, or obscene imagery.
  No Distortion: Please don't get fancy with PhotoshopT (or other software) and alter your photo in any way.
  No Contact Info: No names, phone numbers, email addresses, or any of the other personal details we referenced in the posting a profile area.
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04. Guidelines For Posting More Photos

Show your other best side, what you look like in Bali, what you look like out with your friends. Read our photo posting tips for more:

  Same Guidelines as Primary Photos, Except:
  They may include images of you with friends, family, and pets. They shouldn't duplicate your primary photo
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05. Guidelines For Contacting Members
  Initiate contact with only those members, who meet your partner search criteria.
Do not initiate contact with any member without fully reading their profile and understand their partner expectation / preferences.
  If your partner preferences and the other member's partner preferences match, do initiate contact, do not wait to be contacted by others.
  If a member asks you to stop contacting them, please respect their wishes and move on.
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06. Guidelines For Responding to Members
  If you received a response from any member, suitable or not suitable, courtesy demands that you notify the other member of your decision, promptly. Otherwise the other member will be awaiting your response indefinitely. Of course, you yourself would not like to wait indefinitely in such a situation when you initiate contact with other members.
  If you do not like a member's profile, please don't harass, threaten, abuse, or curse them.
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07. Login Often
  To ensure higher ranks in search results login regularly.
  Higher ranks in search results will lead to get more responses, the more visible your listing is the more people are likely to express interest in you and hence greater your chances of finding the right match.
  We hope this was helpful. Please bear in mind that may review, reject, and remove any content that we determine to be in violation of these Guidelines, the Code of Conduct, the Terms of Service, or the Billing Terms of Service. will terminate your account and your access to the service if we become aware of information indicating a safety concern for you, other other members. Please report any violations of these Guidelines, the Code Of Conduct, or our Terms of Service to Customer Care.
  Oh, we almost forgot the most important guideline of all: Be Honest! Have fun!
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